Thursday, September 11, 2008

Palin Interview on ABC News

I won't spoil it for those on the West Coast, ect....but if she is acceptable, anything is acceptable. She looked like she was taking an oral exam and wishing she had an extra day to cram.

Really, if this a passable, I give up. It reminded me of this classic interview with GWB* only it may have been worse. Anyone that votes for the McCain/Palin ticket hates America and their children. There is no other answer.

Everyone should rightfully beat up on her for this, which will play into her being swallowed by a tsunami of sympathy, and probably getting a boast in the polls. I repeat, we are proving Aristotle right-- democracy is a crude and base form of government.

* - A clip of this interview can be found on the Huffingtonpost.
* * - Read some transcripts here.

The bar has been set so low for this person that a yard lizard couldn't do the limbo under it. Some pundits just said that she beat her low expectations. Why do we put up with this?


alzaido alzaido said...

Wow! I'd say there is no way anybody who saw that would want Palin to lead our nation. Then again, like you said Sal, W.

Dick Tremayne said...

What's the difference between lipstick on a pig and lipstick on an lying bitch?

Bradda said...

If a liar calls a candidate a liar on their blog, does it make a sound?