Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Send in the Bullies--- Where is Dan Quayle now that we need him?

Everyone that has ever been hated in High School is currently in Minnesota waving flags like its 2002.

These people are toast, and any know it....but more on that later. I am trying to watch Ma'ambo right now....

UPDATE- Ugg, she is terrible. I thought she was the next Dan Quayle. But, I have seen Dan Quayle, I know Dan Quayle, and she is no Dan Quayle.

This may become a running thread, so stay tuned.

***- She is terrible. This is all red meat and it reminds me of the Atkins diet, which I should point out, killed Dr. Atkins.

**** The national debt has gone up over two million dollars since she started speaking.

By the way, what will get better ratings, the Skins - Giants game or McSchmuck's tired speech tomorrow night?

Ummm, at 8:04 PM PST, Ma'ambo alleged that Sen. Reid is the majority of the Senate. Apparently he has been cloned and is now 51 senators.

***** The national debt has now gone up over four million.....HOLY SHIT! McSchmuck was a POW!?! I must now vote for him. Obama is clearly not qualified because he was never a POW.

*******- This crowd reminds me of a WWF match between the Iron Sheik and Sgt. Slaughter. I don't get any of this. Are my instincts and objectivity so sour that I can't see this speech as anything other than the giant verbal turd that it was? I feel like the McSchmuck camp set a perfect trap whereby they were so critical of the media's criticism of this pick that they had to give undue accolades to this speech. The queen has no clothes. She did not write the speech, she did not deliver it well, and she is not particularly charismatic. What am I missing here? This is all sideways.

And one other thing, I don't think she is all that good looking either. Are most politicians so esthetically bunk that a somewhat above average looking person now passes as hot on the trail? Lets be honest here, Dan Quayle is better looking than she is. Gosh, I really miss Quayle these days. One could kick that bastard all day and not feel guilty about it, for he always deserved more than he got. Ye could make a case that Dan Quayle could not be kicked enough. Palin is Quayle with an inoculation from the harsh criticism she deserves due to the deep and sad history of sexism in this country. We should be able to go after her every bit as hard as we would if she were a man...but we can't, and we are far worse for it.

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Randal Graves said...

I'm glad you watched it so I didn't have to. Two things: your last few sentences are 100% correct. Equality would be giving her the same treatment that Biden would've given a man. Destroy her on policy. Secondly, come on dude. Palin's a wingnut, but she ain't better looking that Quayle.