Friday, September 19, 2008

“McCain, Palin value all life”

Here is a great letter that my brother sent to the editor of his local paper.

I agree with the author of Friday’s letter “McCain, Palin value all life”. I, too, think that their value of life is commendable. In fairness, though, I cannot recall any pro-choice individual espousing the opinion that anyone should be aborted; rather such a decision should be the choice of the individual, not the government. Also in fairness, McCain’s and Palin’s position on the value of life should be more clearly defined.

Not only are neither McCain nor Palin vegetarians, but Palin is an active hunter and as governor has offered incentives for people to kill wolves. This amends the position to the value of all human life. McCain has been a supporter of the Iraq war from the beginning and Palin recently suggested that fighting the Iraq war was doing God’s work. During this war, thousands of American soldiers and tens of thousands of Iraqi men, women, and children have been killed. McCain has also rather surprisingly voted consistently against veteran's rights. So the statement needs to be further amended to “McCain and Palin value all American non-military life”.

Further, both Alaska and Arizona have the death penalty. While the Republican leadership, with McCain leading the charge, was all over the hurricane that overlapped their convention, they are nowhere to be seen in the aftermath of Hurricane Ike. Neither McCain nor Palin has been known to champion the rights or protection of children in abusive homes.

McCain’s and Palin’s exact position, then, seems to be, “McCain and Palin support all American non-military life, so long as that individual is of voting age and has not been found guilty of a crime and is not threatened by a natural disaster”. Or maybe we can simplify that mouthful and just say that, “McCain and Palin value all American pre-natal life; everyone else is on their own”. It’s beautiful, really.


alzaido alzaido said...

Isn't one of the main GOP platforms, "Love the fetus. Hate the child."?

Randal Graves said...

They care about you before you're born and after you die. In between, you're on your own, chumps.