Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Dumb Words

I hate Republicans. No.. really. They have made it a tactic of infusing truly dumb words into popular culture which are used over and over again as a method of rallying supporters behind their cause while tearing down their opponents. "Freedom Fries" was by far the most irritating. But 4 years ago, it was "flip-flopper." John Kerry was a weak candidate and an easy target who was slightly less vague on what he intended to do in office than the current GOP candidate. But does the stupid term still apply? I am guessing, only if it applies to Democrats. As this article from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution points out, John McCain talks out both sides of his wrinkled old face when it comes to the debacle on Wall Street. I'm sure brainwashed supporters will blame the "liberal media," another favorite, for perpetrating what MUST be false statements. If they were truly honest with themselves, this year's buzzword would simply be, "Baaaaaaaaaa!" because they swallow every single shred of bullshit that comes their way no matter how obscene or far fetched. Case and point, Sarah Palin who whipped the RNC into a frenzy when 99% of them had no clue who she was or what she stood for. It wouldn't be so scary if there weren't so many of them who were so willing to goosestep to whatever beat they are told to march to. It's no surprise so many of them are against teaching evolution in school.


puddy said...

some of their greatest hits:

pro-life (the alternative???)
partial birth abortion (wtf?)
the surge
faith-based anything
terror (-ist or otherwise)

Randal Graves said...

Blah blah blah. That columnist is a black woman, therefore a welfare queen. What does she know about the glory of the free market? Her world is her monthly check.

- Grover N.