Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Please support Iraq Veterans Against the War (ivaw.org)

I have not always been moved to contribute to this blog. My only contributions (other than a short diatribe entitled "why I hate republicans") are usually relegated to the "that sounds great honey" or to provide spell checking consultation to Sal Kilmeister (not known for being a great speller). However, today I came across something that needs to be shared with you.

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is an organization that besides working to end the War and advocating for veteran's rights, has helped to give voice to former active duty service members (who are ironically the first people usually left out of the national debate). Please check out their member profiles. Here are the words of one former National Guard servicewoman:

"The intentions of so many were to give of themselves to their nation. Being willing to give our lives for this country does not mean our government should be willing to give us up so freely.
Yes, this war is NOT what I THOUGHT I was signing up for.
However it is EXACTLY what I did sign up for.
Our government saw it, wanted it, went in and took it, people who live there be damned. This could describe the current situation or the one natives of this land faced. This is our history. Until we confront it we are bound to repeat it. War is not the disease, it is a
symptom. Freedom has not been gained by fighting another country since the
revolutionary war, since then it has only been gained by standing up to our government."

I think this quote pretty much speaks for itself...

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