Monday, September 22, 2008

Ga Ga Stupid Over Palin! Family Values?

Sarah Palin has been in the spotlight for several weeks now. A lot of people are still completely ga ga stupid over her even though fact finders have proven that she has lied in regards to several of her platforms. I have a friend who told me that she really likes Palin. When I asked her what she likes about the Alaska governor, she replied, "I don't know, there's just something I like about her." I find it completely unacceptable and mind boggling that a person can fall in love with a candidate with out identifying a reason for such.

On the other hand, my wife works with some Palin supporters who have identified what they do like about Palin. One of her colleugues likes that Palin changed her mind about the "bridge to nowhere." According to this woman, it shows that Palin is a lot like her because she also changes her mind sometimes. Yeah, yeah, yeah I know (everybody who appreciates facts knows and accepts) that this is not a matter of changing one's mind.

Another one of my wife's colleugues (the one who called my wife a sexist a couple weeks ago) said that Palin's minor daughter being pregnant does not reflect Palin negatively because a lot of American families deal with that same issue. Well, well, well so much for family values, right? Both Mr. and Mrs. Palin work full time, and they have five children. I guess they hire people to raise their kids. I guess if teenage pregnancy was the goal then they certainly succeded. I realize that this is a huge social problem that plagues many families; however, education and parent involvment (in their own kids' lives) seems like the most logical course of action here, not to just say, "It happens to a lot of families, so therefore, it must be great." And what's the Palin's position? They want to push their daughter into teenage marriage to the guy who might be her baby daddy. Yeah, might be, according to Levis' (not to be confused with the gtreat jean company) myspace page which was shown on all the News stations he reported, "I am not having an F'ing baby."

And then there's her running mate John McCain. His family values are so horrendous that he had an extra marital affair, divorced his wife, and then married his mistress. You know what they say, "Once a cheater, always a cheater." The fact finders have certainly uncovered a lot of Johnny's cheats as he continues to lie to the public every time he opens his mouth, my friends.

Then there's Barack Obama on the other ticket. Barrack works a lot, and his wife works too. Surprisingly, Mrs. Obama cut back her work hours because she has two children to raise. The ga ga stupid Palin supporters must be outraged by this sexist act demonstrated by Mrs. Obama. Mrs. Obama was interviewed this weekend. When asked if she thought that it was bad that Sarah Palin is running for VP with such young children, Obama answered, "No, people have to decide what their priorities are."

Family values and priorities in America?


Reason said...

Most Americans like people who can talk a good game. And by "talk a good game" I mean people who can speak in sound-bite simplicity with complete conviction. This is much more important than silly things like facts, honesty, truth, and not being a bottom-feeding, ankle-biting hypocrite. Also, those same Americans that respond to this tend to dislike or be suspicious of people who come across as intelligent and thoughtful. For all our supposed valuing of education, there is an even stronger bias against it, against intelligence, against knowledge.

In my experience, these people tend to feel scared and/or stupid when listening to someone that's intelligent, knowledgable, thoughtful, and reflective and lash out. I've spent years working at consciously dumbing down my speech so that I can move more easily through our society. I also know that you and I have both experienced it as teachers.

Listen to the people that responded favorably to the Charlie Gibson interview. They weren't impressed by Palin's knowledge of issues or any thoughtful consideration on her part. They were impressed because she did not crumble. Despite being clearly out of her depth as she was questioned by an interviewer who is likely more qualified than she is to be vice president, she maintained the fixed smile of the beauty pageant contestant and stuck to the same dozen pre-scripted answers, regardless of whether they answered the question or not.

Get it, Al? All of the things we dislike about her are the exact same things that her fans do. It's kind of funny and makes for some great comedy, but mostly it's just disheartening and sad.

Comrade Kevin said...

She'll always be around, but right now economic issues have taken the focus away from her. Let's hope it stays there.

puddy said...

its not the cheating or the preggo palin that bother me. its the fucking hypocrisy. just one dent in obama's rep finishes him right now - yet, on the other side there's a legislative investigation that's being interfered with, pregnant teenagers, lying presidential nominees (veep too!), a country about to turn socialist under the watch of the christian-right (who fucking saw that one coming?), holy shit the list goes on and on - yet just one little dent in obama would finish him. what a bunch of christ-loving, racist cunts.

anybody see andrew sullivan call bill maher a biggot friday night?

Reason said...

I don't think the country is about to turn socialist. Even though the Wall Street bailout is similar to techniques used in European socialism, the main focus is still on helping out a small fraction of people, mainly those who already have plenty of money.

Also, our country makes use of plenty of socialist services, like roads that any anyone can use at any time regardless of their income or how much they pay in taxes, and access to police and fire department emergency services. We've been using these for years, but it has not turned our country socialist.

Of course, there are some people that truly believe that these services should not be equally available to everyone. Thankfully, they're in the minority. I don't know about you, but I'm glad that our free market country makes use of these socialist services.

alzaido alzaido said...

That's just it Puddy! The Hypocrisy is insane.

Reason the GOP platform is to appeal to the population with IQs below 100 who do not waste their time reading and/or watching News.

puddy said...

reason - well sure. there are socialized components to our national infrastructure. i personally believe that we should recognize the breadth of our infrastructure and continue to socialize... like the financial system, oil, broadband access, healthcare, etc. Its just a shame that - as you mentioned - those likely to benefit from any "bailout" are not going to be the ones that actually need it.

nice of McCoffin-Dodger to assist with a bailout of the auto industry, eh?

Kup said...

Alzaido- I think we bring up a good question about prorities in the USA. It is very depressing to consider what we think is important as a country. Yet, it is very telling about where we are now.

Puddy- I think we should add airline and cartography industries to your list.

Reason said...

Puddy - of course there's all sorts of things that we can do. Despite the rhetoric constantly inflicted on us, most issues are not all-or-nothing, either-or. But I guess that's why it's rhetoric instead of a discussion.

My own feeling is that necessities such as food and energy should be price controlled. As for our economy, we need regulation. The whole point of regulation is to create the same transparency and system of checks and balances that we are supposed to have in our government.

It would also help if we as a people stopped admiring and rewarding greed and selfishness. Just think of the ridicule heaped on Obama at the RNC for having been a community organizer! But that's what happened when the Calvinist idea of visible signs was removed from its original context and mixed with secular capitalism. (Check out Max Weber's The Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism.)