Friday, September 26, 2008

Is anybody excited about tonight's debate?

I'd like to extend my thanks to John McCain for blessing us with his presence tonight. Obama should be thankful too. Debating one's self is a dangerous trick, best left to the likes of Stephen Colbert.

And while I'm glad the debate is going to happen, I just can't help but think that somehow it will benefit McCain. Mostly because of his constituency's creed of mind over matter. Senator McCain is the true incarnation of a faith-based ideology. Facts be damned, this is how they feel about their candidate... and nothing will prevent them from hearing what they want to hear. Even a lack of actual words can be overcome by make-believe faith. In short, McCain can just stand at his lectern tonight and say nothing, and the media will mindlessly celebrate his extraordinary debate strategy.

That aside, it is more likely that McCain will actually say something tonight. I'm obviously not referring to quality of content; rather, the volumous blathering of an emotionally-immature septuagenarian who has clearly swapped experience and integrity for callous cynicism.

What McCain has proven thus far: technically, you can say anything.

So, what will it be tonight? More POW talk? Boastful arrogance of his participation in this week's economic discussions in Washington despite his own admission of being economically-illiterate? Or will he tout some yet-to-be-unveiled deviation from the current bail-out package that's been handed to him by Carl Rove himself? Ahhh, the old rabbit-in-the-hat trick...

Maybe he'll talk about his houses and his cars. Since most of us have a house (an owned or rented place to live anyway) and most of us have cars (Bradda and Rob aside), his vast collection of houses and cars clearly makes him a man of the people. Just as you would be a man or woman of the shoe-industry if you had 3 or 4 extra feet.

So, tonight McCain will battle Obama's thoughtful and deliberate responses to Mr. Leher's questions with his typical mono-syllabic grunts and single serving sound bites (drill baby drill!!!). And we'll watch anxiously, wondering if each ridiculous assertion is going to be the one that finally does the old Senator in. But inevitably we'll find ourselves standing in front of the TV over the weekend, outraged by the media's acceptance of his garbage... and then Monday, we'll see the 5-point bump in McCain's polling numbers... sure to be up to 10-points by Thursday. And we, the suckers electorate, will have been taken for yet another ride. We'll have taken the bait again... hook, line, and sinker.


Unknown said...

I'm just going to enjoy seeing Obama show him up. Yes, McLame has a following but have you seen his erratic behavior and these endless stunts? it's getting embarassing. and even if he gets a bump from this in the fake polls, it'll disappear after Mooselini tanks against Joe Biden. She's tanking daily.

I don't think he's going to get a bump tonight but if he does, that means I'll work all the harder campaigning against him.

We do what we can. I am cautious with my optism but at this point, it's better than pessimism.

puddy said...

good points helen. i don't mean to be so pessimistic... despite my post. its just shameful sometimes - trying to battle faith with facts. i agree that obama will school mcdweeb tonight... from our perspective anyway.

here's to a clean fight!

Unknown said...

Oh your fears are very valid. I actually was just talking on my comment thread with AAP about how I expect the msm to crow over McLame's "victory" (the same way McLame prematurely did this a.m... ahem). But they can only do so much. I think some of the bloom is off the rose for the MSM with McLame's campaign. They are getting annoyed with him. I was surprised to see 2 yahoo news stories today claiming he really threw a wrench into the bailout proceedings and nothing positive about him or the campaign.

Enjoy the damn debate now, K?

alzaido alzaido said...

I don't predict he gets a bounce off this debate. First, the economic crisis bailout program has not been decided yet, but he has flip-flopped again. Now, somehow, someway, he can make an appearance.

He is going to dip and Obama will surge. This is the beginning of the end for McCain.

Randal Graves said...

I betcha torture didn't come up once.

One more American crime down the memory hole.

Dick Tremayne said...

"Drill baby, Drill!" is the new "I'm with Stupid."

Unknown said...

Actually, McLame said (if memory serves)something like AMerica will no longer torture... so he admitted we do? FAIL!

Oh and obviously Obama won (according to the vast majority of news sources & polls).

Unknown said...

Dick Tremayne: Hyuk!