Monday, September 8, 2008

Religion in Politics

Since I have already missed my deadline to finish my football primer (which really would've been nice timing) I am taking a break from working on the NFC East (the math truly makes my skull throb) to take a moment (or many moments) to express some of my views on religion. As great as it is to live in a place where you have freedom of religion (for the most part) without fear of being beheaded (not that ANY persecution is good), religion has become such a carny show in so many churches that it is hard to discern which ones are truly devout and which ones are crooked. They all spout a similar truth (the text is remarkably similar), but how well these people actually abide to the parameters they have set is, all too commonly another story. I get that faith is blind, but people often do crazy things in the name of religion (see the Crusades, the Halle-Bops, or Yahweh ben Yahweh who is still reeling 'em in). They may even vote Republican (since McFossil says we're finally gonna win the war on Islamic radicalism in Iraq). I'm not saying that there are not many sane and reasonable people who also have a rich religious faith, but there are also plenty of wingnuts who will believe anything and are used to doing what they're told (man, I am using a lot of parentheses in this post). In the end, I think people should base their votes on reason and fact as opposed to faith and fear. Since some have trouble wedging their brains and balls from their hearts due to their ties to cult worship, I offer my political stance on religion to ANYONE with some time to kill (it'd really hafta be a long bathroom visit~ for readers who like to multitask) that believes in God, or a god, goddess or other higher being, and also to people who liked the musical Hair, and especially for people with Jesus fish on their cars

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Randal Graves said...

Too many colors so early in the morning! I wonder if we could revive Mithraism. Of course, these days, we'd have to substitute a moose for the bull.