Wednesday, September 24, 2008

McCain Tries to Delay Debates

Yes my friends, it's true. The maverick John McCain has pulled another surprising move. After all of his talk about wanting to debate Barack Obama, he now wants to delay the first debate. He says that it's cause they should be focusing on our economic woes. Hmmmm, I don't think so Johnny!

Let's see, this week McCain has dropped 12 points in the polls compared to last week, giving Obama a 9 point lead. It seems that people don't feel that the maverick is in touch with our economy. It might have something to do with the statement that he made just over a week ago in regards to the fundamentals of our economy being strong. WOW, his buddy W. is sure trying to get a lot of money really really fast for a system that is fundamentally strong.

In addition people are starting to get past Palin's newness. The public is starting to realizae that he made a big boo boo in his choice. She reaks!

Don't work big John, the economic hardships will still be here for the next president to try to clean-up. The W. theft may be enough for our leaders to deal with for decades. This urgency of a problem that has been building for 8 years is just another atempt at fraud. Congress is weary this time. They've been foold to many times by your pal's administration. Debate Obama this Friday. Take off your mask for the public. Pretending that you are in touch with reality at this point is just a waste of time. There is only 6 weeks left till the election.


Bradda said...

What exactly surprises you Al?

alzaido alzaido said...

I am surprised that McCain has flip-flopped on his debate stance. Oh right, I guess if he didn't flip-flop on an issue it would be the surprise!!!!!

Comrade Kevin said...

The debate is certainly going to be interesting, since it will be framed from the outset as "the debate McCain didn't want to have".

Reason said...

Well, the markets crashing is an immediate problem that needs to be dealt with, however what needs to happen is a short term band-aid to give the breathing room to develop a long term approach.

I just don't understand why congress doesn't want to give the W a blank check without oversight to deal with this situation. After all, that approach has worked out so well these past 7 1/2years.

As for McCain, this is just the same nonsense he pulled during the RNC.

"Golly! We can't have a big celebratory function when Americans might be struck by disaster!"

(republican leadership swoops down to Texas - steady, present, alert)

"We're here, Hurricane! do your worst! We're not going to have a party while disaster strikes!)

(hurricane misses, everyone goes home. A short time later, a hurricane does strike, and the republican leadership is nowhere to be found. FEMA also drops the ball again)

"Well now that it's not overlapping one of our events, it's no big deal. The important thing is that the American people don't see me images of me on their talking picture boxes having a grand old time or engaging in political theater juxtaposed with images of people suffering. Too many of them already think I'm out of touch and can't relate to the problems they have to deal with. I don't want to encourage more of that. Stupid jerks! It would be a lot easier for me to show them how much I love them if they would just quit whining about their imaginary problems! But, really, I do love those contemptuous whiny little bastards!"

As a final note, I still maintain that guilt, denial, and projection explain the republican party

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's too late to point out that the TV mavericks (Brett and Bart) were actually underhanded card sharps.

I think that fits here.

Dean Wormer said...

McCain is the Super Dave Osborne of political stuntmeisters.

Smack- right into the wall.