Monday, September 22, 2008

Tax Relief for the Stupid

Lets look back to some better days. Recall that Clinton left office with a budget surplus. Now, both parties want to steal yours and future generations cash to bail out the byproduct of bad policy that is being perpetuated by this bullshit bailout. Why won't anybody say it? The used car dealers that run this country are afraid of getting voted out of office and thus cannot afford to be honest with the country or themselves and enact sensible long term plans for anything except when it comes to the military, which is political suicide to oppose.

Is this mess a failure of capitalism? Partially, but more so it is a failure of democracy and the unholy need of candidates and parties to remain politically viable as a path toward staying in business. We want things and we want them now. However, we are being treated like children because we behave like children.

This bailout is bullshit. We need an economic adjustment. One of the reasons our country was so prosperous from the 1950's through the near future is because we went through the pain of the depression, and it made us stronger and more robust. Now, we are acting like a teenager that's lost his/her Oxy 10 and is a afraid to look in the mirror. We need the entire ship to sink so we can rebuild a newer and better ship that will take us into the future. Look how well Europe rebounded from two horrific World Wars? Doesn't get much worse than that. Maybe we can get the Europeans to repay us buy helping us when we the shit gets so far up our noses that we have no choice but to acknowledge what the odor is we are all smelling.

But we are not going to deal with our national mental psychosis unless we have to. We must hit rock bottom.

We have learned nothing from 9/11. Giving Bush money for anything is a disaster. The man is a saggy boob. Are we really 3 days away from 1929 if we don't give Bush a trillion dollars? If so, aren't we doomed either way?

This is a classic Republican scam--demonstrate the inadequacy of government by being inadequate keepers of it.


puddy said...

what? so you don't like squandering a trillion dollars of taxpayers money that we don't have? we can always print more greenbacks brother! granted, we'll wind up paying $8 for a gallon of milk within a year... but technically we can do it.

alzaido alzaido said...

I don't understand why you insulted saggy boobs like that. Comparing them to W., now that's low (even lower then they naturally hang.)

Dean Wormer said...

It is pretty amazing how they're using this to their advantage. They have no sense of the larger nation outside of D.C. and Wall Street. None.