Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Real Cost of the Bailout

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Just how big is the proposed Wall Street bailout? Let's look at how it compares to some other numbers...

-- $700 billion: proposed Wall St. bailout
-- $695.4 billion: GDP of Taiwan. If the bailout were a country it would be the 21st largest GDP, larger than most nations.
-- $653 billion: cost of Iraq war (so far)
-- $515.4 billion: proposed 2009 Pentagon budget
-- $315 billion: McCain's nuclear energy plan
-- $295 billion: amount Pentagon overspent original budgets by.
-- $150 billion: Obama's energy plan
-- $50-$65 billion: Obama's health care plan, per year
-- $59.2 billion: proposed 2009 U.S. education budget
-- $10 billion: McCain health care proposals, per year
-- $38 million: Hank Paulson's post-2004 salary as Chairman, CEO of Goldman Sachs
-- 16.1 million: number of median Ohio household incomes ($43,371 as of 2004) that would add up to the bailout -- or about THREE Ohios.

Throwing money at Bush is never the answer....


alzaido alzaido said...

I agree with you that giving Bush money is always bad. I don't think it's a case of throwing money at him though. The administration seems to have taken great measures to carry out their plans to bamboozle the world's resources into their own and their friends pockets. Those comparison numbers speak volumes. Even if we do "bail out" these losing companies, we will still have a housing crisis on our hands. So how soon would the next trillion dollar emergency bailout occur - a week, a month? Definitely before January. These guys are looking to get as much as they can before their regime ends.

Randal Graves said...

Between this and Iraq, over 1.3 trillion. What a waste. Imagine all the F-22s and B-2s and attack subs we're NOT buying because of this. Dammit.

Comrade Kevin said...

Remember kids, greed IS good!