Thursday, July 10, 2008

6 Die in front of U.S. Consulate in Turkey - - The Audacity of Televised Offspring

I had the misfortune of being off from work today on a day that I was also broke. This was a bummer, for instead of seeing a mindless popcorn flick that might allow me to escape from reality, I had little choice but to watch the "news" all day which left me without a mind. I really wonder what it says about us news addicts that we watch this rubbish. If my only source of information was this nonsense, I would have thunk that Obama's daughters being on a tabloid program was a bigger story than the shooting that lead to 6 deaths in front of an American consulate in Turkey.

Why Obama, who looked uncomfortable throughout the entire interview has allowed this to become a "story" I cannot understand. Then again, it is Median voter season, but I digress...I usually use my mother, who is a news addict (and a kind lady) as a gauge for what the average information junkie is thinking, and when we spoke this afternoon her big stories were the Obama girls and the Rev. Jackson's thirst for Sen. Obama's balls. Granted, I do think the later story is bizarre, hypocritical, and unfortunate...but a bigger story than what went down in Turkey? It doesn't get more 9/10 than that!

This is why I hate every fourth summer in these former British colonies. Presidential election years are horrible come summer time. Other than the VP announcements, schwag outlets selling schwag stories are all we addicts have to digest. Hell, even Deal or No Deal is on hiatus...

At least this time around we have the blogsphere, so unplug your tube and check out the Literate Electorate on your right....Here are a few that I have been all over like a whore on Gov. Spitzer:







Dr. Zaius said...

Now that JonBenét Ramsey kid is all over the news. That story is like 12 years old!

Randal Graves said...

DVDs my man, DVDs.

I sure hope OJ catches the real Ramsey killer!