Wednesday, April 16, 2008

ABC Debate:

I am speechless. I recognize that that is a terrible way to introduce a post, but this over-used cliché has never been more applicable. For those who have not seen it, don't read any further. Pretend it never happened. It was worse than walking in on your parents having a foursome with your least favorite teacher from grade school and your ex-spouse.

In sum, the Democratic debate made the case for Obama. He should just run this debate and say, if this is what you want out of politics, please vote the Clinton-McCain ticket. If you want something close to substance, thoughtfulness, or any sort of vision for a way froward, then you are forever nauseas after tonight. This debate was the media's Katrina.

The big winner of the night was Katie Couric, who has been getting killed in the nightly news ratings, and is rumored to be on the brink of being pushed out at CBS. I don't know how anyone could ever look at Gibson, one of the debates moderators, the same way again. I am not sure many will turn to Couric, but any decline in a competitor's ratings will only serve to minimize the disaster that has been her PM tenure.

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alzaido alzaido said...

I only caught the second half of the debate. It didn't appear that there was to much debating going on. Charlie and George didn't do a good job moderating the affair. I caught a couple of analysts thoughts after the show. They expressed that Clinton continued to use her negative attacks that have killed her in the polls. I can hardly wait for the results of the PA primary.