Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Illiterate peasants"...

It seems that someone is trying to steal our thunder, Illiterate Electorate. Colorado State Rep. Douglas Bruce was barred from speaking Monday when he referred to illegal immigrants as "illiterate peasants". From the Denver Post:

Disparaging remarks aimed at migrant workers got resident House rabble-rouser Douglas Bruce banned from speaking on a temporary-worker bill today.
"We don't need 5,000 more illiterate peasants in the state of Colorado," Bruce, R-Colorado Springs, told the chamber to an audible gasp.
Rep. Kathleen Curry, leading the House at the time, immediately barred Bruce from speaking at the podium, an uncommon maneuver.
"How dare you?" she asked Bruce...
Rep. Terrance Carroll, D-Denver, said that as the "son of illiterate slaves who built this country" he found Bruce's remark bigoted and said it may prompt an ethics investigation.
"He clearly violated the decorum of the House," said Carroll, the assistant majority leader. "It was premeditated bigotry. Doug Bruce is not a stupid man. He thinks about what he's going to say."

He does have a point when he says we don't need MORE illiterate people in this country, as our educational system has produced plenty. I will however disagree with Rep. Terrance Carroll when he says that Bruce is "not a stupid man". He is clearly a very stupid man.

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