Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Destroying the Democratic Party...

Elizabeth Edwards is supporting Hillary Clinton and is apparently pushing John to also endorse her. Clinton received the support of NC governor Mike Easley today. I can't understand the rationale of jumping on board a sinking ship. I understand Clintonites that you wanted Hillary as the nomination, I really do, but she has lost. The party has spoken. Every bitter week of in-fighting that goes by, McCain only grows stronger as the GOP begrudgingly circles the wagons around their man. This race should be over and you people know that. I'm sorry that Hillary ran a shitty campaign and I'm sorry a lot of the people do not want more Clinton/Bush for another 4 years. It must be tough to watch this young upstart Senator take what should have been hers from the start but that's what happened. We can't change it.

We must begin to concentrate on the real task now. Winning the upcoming presidential election is THE most important job the Democrats have in front of them. For these superdelegates and other important party members to endorse Hillary at this time is killing the party from within. Polls have shown that because the race is still so fiercely battled that supporters of either candidate would vote for McCain if their candidate should lose. 20% is a large chunk of the Democratic vote that will go to McCain all because Hillary will not accept defeat graciously and help Obama defeat their common enemy(McCain). That should terrify any member of the party and yet it only spurs Clinton supporters on. It pushes them to fight to the bitter end.

We need that mentality in the general election, not now. By continuing to support Hillary these people are driving a wedge through the party that the GOP could never have dreamed of doing. Why do you think the right has been all over the airwaves "supporting" Hillary and claiming she's a tough opponent. They hate her guts but they know she will be easier to defeat in November. They would love to see her win the nomination. They have mounds of political dirt ready to fling at her in the fall. They had been planning on running against her from the beginning.

Then something strange happened. A young, intelligent, multi-racial Senator began spreading his word of change and people jumped on board. People who were sick of Bush and his evil regime. People who were tired of being left behind economically while a small few prospered immensely. People who had given up on our country and our government. People who were tired of the establishment political figures of old. They all wanted someone they could trust to do the right thing when the time came. They chose Barack Obama.

Why on Earth would John Edwards endorse Clinton now? Why would the governor of NC do the same? Do these people not see what this is doing to the party as a whole? Do they even care what it is doing? Can they not see what Hillary stealing the nomination would do in November to our country? Do what is right and back the candidate that has won the nomination through the popular vote. Do not let the superdelegates destroy the Democratic party. We have a lot of work ahead of us and it's time to back Obama so we can end this death march. It's time to unite and fight the real enemy of our party and of our country. John McCain.

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.e. said...

If Hillary can pull off wins in both Indiana and North Carolina and continue to sweep, it'll go to the convention. If she can pull it off, she will have a case for the supers. And if she gets the nomination, she will lose the general. Heck, Obama at this point might lose the general. Congrats Hillary for destroying the party.