Monday, April 21, 2008

GOP Truth Evasion

I just had to post this despicable filth from the homepage of the Republic National Committee website (hyperlink omitted purposely). We can see "swift boat" politics starting before the Democrats have even chosen a nominee. This is misleading imagery meant to mobilize a nearly illiterate voter base. Who taught these people how to surf the internet?

The good news: if you can read this, you probably get the point.

The bad news: republicans can't think read.


Anonymous said...

The link might add context.

puddy said...

the point is that Obama is in no way guilty of tax evasion. their strategy is to vomit inflammatory images to their mindless base, creating the iraq/iran - al queda/sadam - sunni/shiite confusion that is too often taken as fact rather than nonsense. the link just points to - nothing that the typical reader can't track down. sorry for the confusion.

Kup said...

I agree Krep. Good work!

Bradda said...

Who's giving these swine booze??