Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Late Night Thoughts on Hillary Machiavelli's Win

I am ok with the outcome tonight. As per some of my earlier posts, it looks like they could split the remaining delegates, both pledged and super, and come out this "process" with a solid, yet slim and definitive Obama victory. I really cannot see any emotions Democrats now hold being relevant this November. Anyone that overestimates the American attention span does so at their own peril. Obama will be fine, and Obama will be the next President. I love the bastard, but I still fear him more than I trust him. I am terrified that I could be as wrong about him as equally intelligent and confident supports of Bush were about their "guy" in the past. It reminds me of a tune off of Faith No More's first record, We Care A Lot:

We care a lot about disasters, fires, floods and killer bees
We care a lot about nasa shuttle falling in the sea
We care a lot about starvation and the food that live aid bought
We care a lot about disease, baby, rock hudson, rock yeah!

That is all. You either get it or you don't. Hell, I'm not even certain as to which camp I land, but I know that I don't know. And as a great military man once said, knowing is half the battle.


Bradda said...

Nice GI Joe quote!

Anonymous said...

Don't fear Obama!!

Kup said...

I thought you'd like that Bradda.