Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Morning Memo:

I want to be on the record that I have disliked Bush from the start. The first time I saw him, sometime during his dad's 92 run for pres, I recall seeing a story about him and the Texas Rangers (if I recall correctly) and thinking, "Gosh, what a turd."

Immediately after 9/11, when roughly 90% of the American public thought highly of him, I still thought he was a shit head that belonged in a maximum security federal prison without any possibility of parole. He is scum, and had I been at the Nationals game the other night, I would have performed my patriotic duty of booing this shame of a President.

That being said, the following video disturbs me on a deep level:

Any liberal, or American, or Westerner in general, that says things like "Bush is just as bad, if not worse than Hamas" or "Nobody/Nothing is worse than Bush/Cheney" is either a liar or a fool. This video shows how intellectually depraved our enemy is. I understand it is not liberally correct to acknowledge that we do have enemies or that there is a clash of civilizations going on, but both are indeed true. This is why anyone that payed attention did not ask stupid questions like "Why would anyone do this?" or "Who is OBL" following the attacks on the WTC, Pentagon, Pennsylvania. How do you reason with an entity that puts this on television for their children to watch:

I understand that in the West we advertise products that are made in sweatshops to children, thus teaching them to become consumers of goods that perpetrate a grossly unjust corporate order. I get that, and I agree that that too is very bad. I also understand that that corporate order is partially responsible for the bastardized U.S. foreign policy that causes such behavior. I get that too. But there is something so overtly wrong with using the public airwaves to promote suicide bombing that one is reminded that some of the world is still stuck in medieval times, and that this is all going to get worse....

- While listening to the radio in the car yesterday I heard Pres. Bush mention that he does not think it would be fair to the athletes to boycott any aspect of the Olympic games because of China's brutal, illegal, and barbaric treatment of the Tibetan people. He argues that this would punish the athletes. I wonder, does he think it was wrong for the U.S. to have boycotted the 1980 games?

-I also want to be on the record that I don't think that Sen. Clinton wants a Democrat besides her to win the election in November, and I also don't think that she can win the nomination. Now she is comparing to herself to boxing great Rocky Balboa.

I think she has earned the right to stay in this race as long as she wants, but I don't think it is wise for her to compare herself to a movie character that stuck around much longer than was necessary. Should she be comparing herself to a character that made a boxing comeback at 60? Does her campaign, at this point, feel more like the Rocky I or Rocky V???


Bradda said...

Does that make Barack Apollo Creed or Clubber Lang? Is John McCain Paulie? She's gonna eat lightning and crraaap thunder!!

Bradda said...

Come to think of it, didn't Rocky LOSE the fight in the first movie?

Kup said...


Kup said...

And the first was by far the best. Top 5 Rocky movies:
1) Rocky 1
2) Rocky 2
3) Rocky 4
4) Rocky 3
5) Rocky 6

Rocky 5 can eat it.