Saturday, April 19, 2008

Weekend Google Data:

Just some quick Google facts for you:
- When doing a Google search for Hillary Clinton is a liar, 343,000 responses came up.
- When doing a Google search for Barack Obama hates America, 406,000 responses came up.

I find it strange that there are over 73,000 more responses for the Obama phrase, which I think most people assume is false, and Clinton's, which has been confirmed on numerous occasions.

- Random thought: Why do people get shit for making up words...doesn't someone have to do it?


.e. said...

You have to use quotes for your search. Your numbers are way off. Plus, they won't mean anything anyways.

puddy said...

yeah, you've missed the point and the boat Sal. aside from e's observations - which are spot on - you've also failed to realize that you included the work "america" in your obama query. due to the search relevance of the term, you naturally got more hits.