Friday, April 25, 2008

As the black Mr. Snipes goes to jail.....

...the cops that killed the black Sean Bell are free. This is an injustice of incalculable proportions. Recall, he was the unarmed guy that was shot dozens of times leaving his bachelor party the night before his wedding. This was not even a jury trail. Unreal:

Saying a lack of the witness credibility "eviscerated the people's case," Justice Arthur J. Cooperman returned a verdict of not guilty on all counts for three detectives charged in the shooting death of Sean Bell, who was gunned down outside Club Kalua 17 months ago in a hail of NYPD bullets on the eve of his wedding.

As reporters, protesters and onlookers were assembled outside State Supreme Court in Kew Gardens on Friday morning, PBA president Pat Lynch was the first to react to reporters, saying this "was a case where there is no winner and no losers, we still had a death that occurred... we still had officers who had to deal with that death." But Lynch said it sent a message to New York City police officers that says "you will get fairness" which was important to officers out on patrol because "there is never a script... we have to deal with circumstances as they come."

This is an overview of the fatal night from Sean's father.

Being a cop is a tough gig, but this is out of proportion. If they had fired one or two shots I could see some kind of case being made, as bent as it still would be. However, from the volume of shots fired, this seems more like a street gang assassination than a cop doing his job.

I won't even touch the race angle, for I believe it is self evident.

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Bradda said...

What a total travesty. They lit that car up like a Christmas tree and get off? What a fucking joke our criminal justice system is. The day after Wesley gets the book thrown at him too! I'm sickened...