Thursday, April 10, 2008

Glenn Beck: Rodeo Clown or Just a Delusional Loser?

Glenn Beck apparently thinks his very troubled past as an alcoholic can provide insight to our nation's own recovery. I have nothing against addicts, a statement that some of my closest friends can attest to, but I can't stand people using it as support for their political platform. As if, in the midst of delirium tremens, laying in a gutter somewhere in the dark recesses of Mt. Vernon, Washington, Glenn Beck was suddenly given insight towards America's greatest problems. This is a man who's pinnacle career moment came when he won a local radio contest to become DJ for an hour. Now, through those beady little slits that serve as eyes in his bloated converted-Christian face, he clearly sees our nation's ailments. Look, I'm not saying Mr. Beck is wrong when he flatulates on my laptop's LCD:

"A recent polls says 81 percent of Americans now say that our country is on the wrong track. If you're one of those people, who do you blame? The Bush administration? Congress? The media?

Here's a crazy idea: How about blaming ourselves?"

I'm just saying he's an asshole for thinking that this problem is still in control of the citizenry and can somehow be solved by this sort of tripe:

If you don't like the fact that your city has led the country in poverty and homelessness for the last 10 years, then ELECT SOMEONE NEW. Stop voting for the same people from the same party every year.

Yes, vote for some new professional politician. They seem to be doing so well on a national scale. Clearly they can deliver us from "poverty and homelessness" while shit-stained taints like Mr. Beck use their professional time to spew this kind of garbage.

Mr. Beck's head may be shoved firmly up his ass, but his devoted national readership is the problem. These are the people who read this kind of crap and skip happily off to their fluorescent day-jobs singing about how it's all their fellow voters' faults for not electing a more thoughtful local alderman...

Speaking of fluorescent day-jobs... it's getting late.


Bradda said...

Well said laddy. Glenn Beck is the reason I stopped watching CNN all together. They gave hou long shows to him and that redneck hate spewing, "They found semen!!", douchebag Nancy Grace. The quote is what she was yelling ever night during the Duke rape case. These people need no evidence, just a "thought" and then the run wildly into the night with it. So to answer your question I think I will go with delusional loser.

Bradda said...

Oh yea, didn't he just recently say that if the polar bears die off that it would be just fine. Why worry people he said, bears are man eaters and killers. No lie. At least Colbert does tongue firmly in cheek. Beck is
a "special" kind of person alright.