Sunday, April 20, 2008

American Terrorists...

Wow. Where to begin.
Hannity needs to go away. Now. Seriously people, I can't take this fascist, right wing propaganda anymore. "Liberal" mainstream media my ass! Hannity is once again laying down the strategy for the GOP candidate. We all know about how he got Georgie Jr. ( Stephanopoulos IS tiny) to ask some "tough" questions for him in the ABC debacle debate. Here's nutbag(Newt) talking to crazytown (Hannity). Enjoy?

Here's my favorite Newt quote:

"...the left wing of America kind of admires American terrorists..."

We admire terrorists people!! Only if they're home grown though as we don't want to send any more jobs overseas. Newt gets the wanker of the weekend award! Well done sir!

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Kup said...

Bradda, I think Newt gets the life time achievement award for being a wanker.