Monday, April 14, 2008

Mental Burnout...

I have been hard pressed to post recently due to the fact that I am sick to my stomach over what is happening in this election season. I scour the blogs, watch the bobble heads on T.V. and all I keep getting is the same story over and over again. Obama is an "elitist" who has a crazy pastor. Clinton lies about snipers and believes she can still win the nomination. Oh and McCain, well he's a maverick. It's just one big political eddy circling the drain of the tub that used to be democracy.

I don't care how many times people refer to McCain as an independent and a rogue Republican. I don't care if Obama's pastor was eating baby bald eagles for breakfast. I don't care if Clinton personally shot a sniper in Bosnia. This is all just bullshit thrown at the American people by the media to confuse them and to get them thinking not of the real issues but of trivial E! news crap.

I want policies. I want real deal ideas that will reverse the course of this once great nation. You know like the economy, the environment, war and occupation, unemployment,...etc. I remember a few months ago these issues were kinda being broached but alas no more. I mean does McCain even have a fucking health care plan? We all know he doesn't know shit about the economy.

Many people have to told me to be patient and wait for the general election and then we'll see the real politics start. I don't see it that way. I see this election season getting worse before it gets any better. I see a continuing of the American Idolization of democracy. Please text us your vote at....sigh.

None of the three candidates really has a plan to get us back in order. America is shattered like Humpty Dumpty and there are not enough of the king's men to put us back together again. I know I have been reduced to comparing our country to children's stories but I think it's poignant. Until we as a nation begin to truly face our major problems then we are stuck in this downward spiral. Hunter was right all along. If you look back and squint really hard you can almost see the high water mark.

As long as there is a massive divide between the owners of society and the rest of us then our system will stay broken. As long as corporations have monetary and political control over us then we will continue to be pawns. As long as we allow fanatical, ideological religious nuts into our government then we will forever be a nation of lemmings. As long as we keep "voting" for the same few candidates that they throw at us whether we believe in them or not then we will cease to be a democracy.

Here's where I am supposed to call out for revolt. Dissent is the only true form of patriotism. All men must stir and all that stuff. I wish I could but I think the we have traveled too far down this sick and twisted path to turn around and find our way back. No trail of breadcrumbs has been left by the neocons and the religious right. We were meant to be led into the dark woods and left on our own. Will we ever find a new and greener pasture?


Kup said...

I agree with you Bradda. The crap is really starting to smell. I can barley stand it anymore, and I am a junkie. Hang in there. A disinterested public is their greatest weapon.

puddy said...

it would help if we had media that broadcasted policy and a public that actually wanted it - instead of this insatiable desire for soap-opera politics... and as bradda referenced, news that starts with "E!".

Kup said...

Some of this is on us. For starters we have the internet, where good information can be found. Second, we have the likes of CSPAN, BBC, NPR, PBS, ect. We don't have to watch the networks to get our information.

puddy said...

"we" has little to do with it.

Kup said...

wrong. please try again.