Monday, October 27, 2008

8 Day, 5 hours till the first polls close...

Chin up everyone. I am still getting this pending sense of doom permeating from so many, much like an FSU kicker about to try for a game winner against Miami.

We are going to pull this out!

The math is still very much on Obama's side. Remember, many of the undecided voters are probably going to break for McPalin.

Don't fret!

Obama does not need a single one of them. NBC's Chuck Todd estimates that 7/10 undecided voters will break for McPalin. Obama gets to 306 (270 needed) in the E.C. without picking up a single voter, and even if a few states are off, he should have no problem getting to 270.

The facts speak for themselves. The overwhelming majority of leaks and defections that have occurred over the last few weeks come from the McPalin camp. Few, if any, have come from the Obama side. The Obama camp appears poised and together. McPalin's looks confused and disgruntled. If this were Rock-N-Roll, Obama would be a Stone's concert, McPalin would be a Wham cover band playing in a garage somewhere in Alberta.

In my opinion, the following scene from Spinal Tap featuring Duke Fame and the Flame Throwers best articulates the state of the two campaigns:

Crazed female fans shriek.)
David: Uh-oh- look out, here they come....
Derek: Hold your breath.
Fan: Duke! Duke! Can I have your autograph?
Nigel: It's Duke.
David: Duke! Duke!
Terry: Get your hands back.
David: It's OK, we know'm, it's Spinal Tap.
Terry: Sure.
David St Hubbins, Spinal Tap; Derek Smalls, Spinal Tap;
Look, we gotta get going here.
David: Listen, uh...uh...where
you playing in
You you playin' here?
Terry: We're doin'
whatever it is. It's
terrific, it's a good
We sold it out.
Oh yeah big place outside of town.
Very nice.
David: That's a big
place. You sold it out?!
What's that, twenty-thousand seats?
Terry: We really should
run, you know...
Ian: Good heavens. How are you,
laddy?! Great to see
you, Ter!
Terrific to see you.
Ian: Ian.
Terry: Ian. Yeah, listen, we'd love to
stand around and chat,
we've gotta...sit down in the lobby and wait for
David: OK. Great. Duke, great to see you. Great
see you again
Derek: We'll catch up with you on the road.
Duke: Cheers.
David: Duke! Great to see you. See ya. See you, Duke. Good
Good days!
Fuckin' wanker.
Nigel: What a wanker.
a wanker.
Derek: Total no talent sod.
He's got this much
talent -- this much if he's lucky.
David: We carried
him. We had to
apologize for him with our set.
Derek: That's right.
Mick: That's
David: People were still booin' 'im
when we were on.
It's all
hype. It's all hype. It's all bought.

See for yourself:

The pending doom. I addressed it last week. Everyone is losing sight of one item of serious note--and that is proud reality that GWB is about to leave office. If nothing else, keep that in mind when we hit the inevitable bumps of the next few days.

I'll say it again: no terrorist attack on US soil, or no nuke exploding in the next 8 days, Obama wins by 9pm EST.

Also, stay tuned, as I am thinking on that Tuesday of next week to have an E.C. prediction game of some kind....a "blog pool" of sorts.

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Randal Graves said...

Oh how easily we forget about dumb states like mine. I'll believe it when I see the press release.

And if McFuck does win, at least we have our free can of Dr. Pepper on the way!