Monday, October 6, 2008

Obama a Muslim??

I live in an area surrounded by rednecks who may or may not be racist. I say that because, this is the South, and the roots of racism run deepest in the South. Round these parts folks talk real simple. You see more Camaros and pick up trucks here than you would in most metropolitan areas. And even though many of the white people here may listen to nothing but gangsta rap or may spend their waking lives obsessing over college football which is dominantly black (with a lot of white QBs), there are still instances of racial division everywhere. Still people want to deface churches with black congregations or spray paint swastikas on non-white businesses. In my neighborhood and in areas across town Obama signs have been removed from front lawns. A friends car, which bore an Obama sticker, was spray painted Cheeseburger Lover except the cheeseburger was a n.. It has actually become practice for the reverse-race card to be played when defending the decision to vote for McShame. "So if I don't vote for Obama, I'm racist?" The point being, I hear constant bullshit about Obama's secret Muslim roots due to the socialist laws of baby daddyism. I dismissed them of course until I heard that the Taliban was turning over a new leaf. A kinder, gentler Taliban might ease up on the public executions and could open discussions to eventually allow their women to play sports or have their picture taken (public whipping for having her ankles exposed is still some ways off, I'm afraid). Thanks to the rare and impeccably timed intervention of an old acquaintance, the Taliban have declared that they want peace and have split from Al Qaeda. Mullah Omar's a shifty dude, but something don't smell right. The winds of change don't move that quickly. I am now only 99.99989999998731% sure that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT a secret muslim hellbent on destroying a nation that is pretty close to being destroyed. I'm still voting for him.


Kup said...

Are you just voting for Obama because of white guilt?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

"I'm not sure Amurkkka's ready fer a black prezeedent."

In other words: "I aint votin fer no n!@@#$ prezeedent."


"I aint got nuthin agin no black people, but if he gits in, he'll just do thing fer blacks and not us white people."

In other words: "He'll act jest like ever white prezeedent we've had."

Randal Graves said...

My main reason for voting for Obama is the same as it was when he got the nomination: watching all the cracker wingnuts seethe with anger at a brother in the White House. I hold naive hope in the undocumented phenomenon of mass spontaneous combustion.

Comrade Kevin said...

I feel your pain. It's not quite as bad here, though it's still the South and as such liberal = child molester.