Friday, October 24, 2008

Good Morning--Your Broke!

Enjoy that cup of coffee, it may be the last you are ever able to afford. Predictions are that investors are going to get a big "B" carved in their cheeks by a bunch of thieves this morning. Japan closes down 10%. Germany, at the moment, down almost 11%. This could be the day that seals the deal for Obama. History tells us that when Americans are afraid to lose their homes their homes they tend to vote Democrat--when they are afraid of their homes being blown up they tend to vote Republican.

So their is the game laid out for ye. If we don't have a major attack on U.S. soil, or something akin to a "nucular" bomb going off in London or Tel Aviv, Obama will win this thing by 9pm EST at the latest (on Nov. 4, not tonight). He is tied or ahead in 10 states that Bush won in 2004. States like Florida, Iowa, and Ohio make sense for they represent traditional battle ground territory. But North Carolina? Hell, North Dakota? This is looking like a landslide that I think will grow if the stock market does what many say it is going to do today (though I have a hunch stocks will close up today. Then again anyone that's ever been to Vegas with me knows my hunches are seriously and painfully flawed). Remember, many people will be getting their October 401K statements in the mail around the 4th of November. And, as the video below explains, its never good when the ideologues that ran your economy for over a decade are referred to as "3 Bill Buckners" in public to no rebuke.


Randal Graves said...

If I have to steal coffee to drink some, I will. I've already begun stealing everyone's piece of pie.

puddy said...

happiest repub come nov. 5th? bob dole.