Saturday, October 4, 2008

Straight Talk Express forgets an important passenger

A funny thing happened on the way to the White House.. As previously reported on this site (but largely unnoticed by much of the mainstream media) John McCain, who I am told will win the war in Iraq, waved the white flag in Michigan. He is surrendering the state to the Obama/Biden ticket and trying to make up ground elsewhere. The only problem is that he forgot to tell his running mate. During a FOX News interview (the only non-biased media outlet "this greatest, best country God ever gave man" has left), Sarah Palin was questioned as to why her ticket gave up the fight for Michigan. She revealed that she only learned of the decision when she read it that morning. FOX has slightly amended the original article to make it read less like a complete lack of communication between McAlzheimer and what's-her-name, but the incident supports the notion that this ticket is as doomed as it is disorganized. Palin half-heartedly petitioned McCain to allow her and the potential first dude to tour car manufacturing plants (because her mere presence can solve any problem). She already knows all about the Red Wings and sat through 8 Mile in its entirety with Track, so she feels prepared to take on the challenges the state of Michigan faces. I shutter to think of how much this woman is completely unaware of. But if McCain failed to include her in the decision to sacrifice the Wolverine State (good eatin'!), what else would she be in the dark on as VP? She did take advantage of the opportunity to talk about Energy, however. Didn't see that coming. She also reiterated that she is a Washington outsider, as if living in Wasilla, Alaska had not been a strong enough indicator. She's no stranger to all that Washington funny money though, but that's another matter. Now McSecretWeapon is hitting the road to rally support for people who are against Mother Nature, reason and really big words. And since she's just talking to these people (some of whom are paying $500 a head), she doesn't have to worry about the burden of changing the topic.


alzaido alzaido said...

I wonder if she will demand preconditions be met before she meets with people from Michigan.

Randal Graves said...

She's the ultimate outsider as you point out, yet she claimed to know the heartland. Is there some documentary on corn that I don't know about?

Anonymous said...

This certainly doesn't surprise me at all. I have long assumed that Sarah is told to shut up and sit in the corner until called upon to read her speech. I nearly gagged with Johnny McStupid claimed he "consulted her often on foreign affairs." Just how stupid does he think we are. That would be grounds enough to eliminate him as having the brains to run for any office!