Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Tonights Debate, ect...

Earlier in the year the McCain campaign aired an ad that alleged that the "wolves were circling Sarah Palin." Of course if that were true, she would have gotten into her helicopter and and shot them all in the back from the sky. If I were in charge of the world, I would open up the Roman Colosseum and feed her to hungry wolves unless she confessed that she had no business accepting the VP slot, and that McCain did not "put country first" by picking her.

I should note that I don't want Sarah Palin dead...and I want to make that especially clear if you are a government agent. The above is just a fantasy. I am in no way endorsing anyone harming anyone else. Nor am I advocating trying to take over the world or feeding anything to wolves--hungry or feed. Wolves should never be feed by humans--it fucks up their migration patterns.

As for tonight's debate, I would love to run an ad stating the vultures circling John McScabby. Nobody likes a loser, and I think that why his approval rating is falling like an old man in a rugby match. He is not toast, but he is being toasted by a smarter, more inspiring and tactically superior candidate and campaign.

Which brings me to tonight's town hall debate. McClownShoes will not be able to by pass the questions the way SheBush did last Thursday night. He is in a tight spot as he loses if he attacks Obama and ignores the larger issues and he loses by answering on the issues because his solutions are so deeply problematic that one wonders if he can even offer them up with a straight face. I guess that's where the grouchy smirk comes into play.

His campaign has descended into a 24/7 airing of the Sean Hannity show. It is quickly deteriorating into pure hate speech and immoral deception. The guy's got nothing else and it shows. He is being fast-tracked to Dukakisville and the rats are running the asylum.

Obama just needs to be cool tonight. If Obama is the Fonze, Obama wins this thing hands down. McCain has to make all the noise tonight, because he is, politically, a dying animal. Wild beasts tend to make horrific sounds when they die slowly, maybe that's why Palin shoots them from a fast moving aerial object. Perhaps she has a soul afterall?

In case you forgot, check out the video below:

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