Friday, October 10, 2008

McCain urinates of the very idea of ethics

His campaign has embraced racism, violent extremism, and unblemished xenophobic hate in hopes of achieving power. He is the worst kind of scum. He is worse than Bush, who made no illusions about being a fraud. McCain puts country in his crusty and wrinkled ass--and he does it first.

I wish McCain was still captive in Nam. I said it and I mean it and if you support the bastard and his softball cheek, I hope you are as pissed as I am, because I fear that the 1860s may be here again....

These words may sound extreme today, but they will sound mild by next week, when McCain officially declares the race wars as on...Get out of the country- fast. And bring your books before Palin sets them ablaze.

By the way, can we stop allowing people to say that those in Iraq are protecting our freedoms? Does anyone think we would not be free had we not gone into Iraq?

*UPDATE* I take back some of what I wrote before:


alzaido alzaido said...

Of course you are right in all regards. It is baffling how many supporters he has. The only thing more amazing is the number of Palin supporters. So far they have lied every time they have spoken, knocked infrastructure repair and improvement, and shared plans on how to completely destroy our entire health care system. And during the debate the other day McCain pulled a new mortgage relief plan out of his ass, Then he actually put some details into it for his new economic recovery plan. His ideas are bunk. They would kill our wounded economy.

Kup said...

On the McCain vid: Isn't it possible to be Arab and a decent family man?

Alzaido- Spot on- as always.