Friday, October 31, 2008

Stevens found NOT GUILTY

At least according to himself. In a debate last night he announced that he has not been convicted of anything, despite a difference of opinion with the judge and jury that convicted him earlier this week on 7 counts of corruption. 

He will probably think McPalin will be in the White House come January as well.

My guess, for what its worth, is that he will get re-elected, because Alaskans are mavericks. 


vanishing point said...

sort of like cheney refusing to honor the supeanna and palin finding herself not-guilty.

hey found you through the Field Negro, great blog, i like a good sense of humor and snark.

ps i can't spell and spell checker is not working on one of those words, maybe cheney put a spell checker ban order on himself.

Kup said...

Thanks Kathy. Good points...We love the Field's blog, and you never need spell check here for we are the illiterate electorate. please come back early and often.

themom said...

This must be an Alaskan matter what the verdict, one is always NOT guilty!! Palin the gooftard "did nothing wrong" and Stevens is "not guilty"...duh???

Cheney lost his bid in court and now his chief of staff has to give a deposition about the VP's paperwork - super!!! I'll bet that shredder is going 100 mph!