Monday, October 6, 2008

Happy New Week!

I present to you the new Obama approved short documentary about McCain and his band of criminals known as the Keating Five, that can be found at

For my money, this will be far more effective than the racist slander that McGrumpy and his side kick Gov. Prairie Home Companion are dishing out as an a distraction. For some reason I don't think that people are going to be talking about Obama's neighbors while their 401Ks, jobs and health care go up in a cloud of smoke, irregardless of whether or no Gov. Kill em' All pronounces her 'n's or not.

Rome is not burning, but damn it sure is getting hot.

The NYSE fell bellow 10,000, unemployment is on the rise, McTurd has a left cheek the size of Palin's brain, we just pissed away a trillion dollars and are going to make our grand kids pay 1.5 trillion on it-- and all McCunt have to play is the xenophobia card?

McCain is a dishonest man with no integrity. I don't care what he did 40 years ago in South East Asia. That is not the same man that is running for president. I wasn't even sperm back when that happened, and I am already old enough to be bald, fat and lazy. He is a whore with no visible code of ethics. He is following the Machiavelli Cliff Notes word for watered down word. He is a bum. If he is elected the French Revolution is going to look like an episode of Reading Rainbow, only the guillotine will be replaced by water boarding since, after all, it is no form of torture.

But never mind all of that, we still have thirty days for faith and hope, and we should enjoy every one of them, for if things go south and McABBA wins, they will be the last days of joy any of us will ever see again.

So I leave you with this brave soul. Some of you may recall that I spent an hour in hell this past July by watching Fox News for sixty straight minutes. I have not been right ever since, and I am losing hope that I will ever be the same again. Thats why her journey of 24 hours is so heroic and inspirational:

Pab's Fox News marathon for Obama
On October 18-19, I will be making the
supreme sacrifice to help raise money for Barack Obama.
From Noon, Saturday,
October 18, through Noon, Sunday, October 19, 2008, I will be subjecting
myself to one of the most intense forms of torture known to man. I am
prepared to watch Fox "News" for 24 hours straight.
If my goal is reached by
Friday the 17th, I will give up my weekend and several hours of much needed
sleep that weekend subjecting myself to the horrors of whatever the Fox "News"
Channel has to throw at us. I will be live blogging and Twittering
throughout the event to try and provide some comic relief for the whole mess,
and if I can lay in enough SD cards, might consider taping parts of the event
for posterity.
I'm willing to put my body and my sanity on the line for
Barack Obama. Will you do your small part by donating to help make this
possible? Thank you!

Please, do what you can to help! This is worthy of our support.

Keep the faith--while you can.

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alzaido alzaido said...

The most amazing thing about the ordeal is that McCain still holds public office. It saddens me deeply that a guy like this can commit economic terrorism, not be in jail for life, and has a good chance of becoming president!