Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I read this article. And the flood of thoughts that hit my mind was astounding.

1. Freedom of speech is a really good thing.
2. 400 people. Can we end the notion that it is a wise investment to build a wall to keep out people who are already here?
3. Only in Iowa, where travesty dwells. The town of Parkersburg was leveled by a tornado. Another tornado killed 2 boy scouts and injured another 42. Plus they helped spawn nu metal.
4. Wow. That's a lot of child labor violations.
5. Nice timing.
6. How many Jews actually live in Iowa?
7. How will this impact the price of kosher food?
8. Sweat shops are loathesome (which it appears to be), but this "solution" is bullshit.
9. Where can I get me some of those free social security numbers?
10. That's got to be a lot of hungry Guatemalan kids.

1 comment:

Randal Graves said...

Hey, at least they're not a lot of hungry Murkan kids. Then it'd be a real travesty!