Sunday, October 19, 2008

My name is Dick and I'm an addict..

The McAnus camp is blasting a NY Times article that takes pot shots at Cindy McCain's past addiction to pain killers. While I find Cindy McCain to be somewhat icy and all together uninspiring, I kinda agree that this has little to no bearing on the price of arms in Taiwan. I do find it curious, and quite hypocritical, that the same party that brought us the war on drugs keeps finding themselves (or their cheerleaders) hooked on 'em. The Rush Limbaugh oxycontin fiasco was publicized well enough for him to shut his pie hole for about 12 minutes. W's coke habits were well documented and as roundly overlooked by GOP supporters as his track record for bankrupting companies and getting bailed out by Saudi oil money (who could've predicted we'd be broke by the time he left office?) I am reminded of the 1945 Billy Wilder classic, The Lost Weekend in wondering when America will finally decide to face the monster it sees in the mirror each day. We are hopelessly addicted to foreign oil (and drilling is not salvation no matter how many Alaskan fembots you send to tell me it is). We are slaves to reality tv, whether it be the carefully edited soundbites of The Biggest Loser or The Hills or the carefully edited soundbites of The Situation Room or the O'Reilly Factor. And we are a nation overrun by the cast off and uninformed. Only in America do we overlook common sense, wisdom and intelligence when electing our highest post. W is about as dumb a president as we've ever had, yet much of America is ready to support Sarah Palin as opposed to the intellectually sound Barack Obama who thrived in a completely different Ivy League environment to the one W experienced. As someone who lived in DC for a decade, I can tell you alcohol is overwhelmingly the drug of choice followed closely by power, greed and prescription drugs. While publicly demonizing drug use, Republicans all too often find themselves caught up in it's sticky web. To be fair, Marion Shepilov Barry, Jr. was a Democrat. The point being, everybody has flaws and every household I know of has at least one person that at some point has faced unhealthy habitual use of drugs or alcohol. There are so many better reasons to dislike Cindy McCain (she steals recipes from the Food Network and posts them word for bloody word as "family secrets", witholds tax records, let's her man call her the C word, the list goes on) and this ticket, which I feel can only gain from this matter resurfacing.


Kup said...

Reminds me of Irene from Fire Walk With Me:

I don't take drugs.

Nicoteine's a drug. Caffeine's a drug.

Who's the toe-head? Those drugs are LEGAL!

Anonymous said...

They have the same problems keeping their marriages together in spite of the fact that they love to pound on the table and preach morality at those of us who don't cheat, lie and steal. If you took the wives Rudi, Newt and MCcain have had between them and the amount of money Bill Bennet has racked up in gambling losses you could give each of them a million to go away. But dems are the ones who need moral guidance right ?

SagaciousHillbilly said...

Good post Dick.
I wouldn't mind a first person being an addict or alkie. Who cares, but the president?! When MoronMonkeyBoy Bush the Chimp was elected, that one character defect scared me the most. . . the guy was an unrecovered, dry, alcoholic/addict. That's the absolute worse condition for eratic behaviors, poor judgement, reckless acts, etc., etc. My worse nightmares have come true.