Monday, October 6, 2008

Economic Prozac

According to CNN, nearly 6/10 of Americans think a depression is likely(who are the other 40%?).

For this study, a depression is defined as:

  • 25% unemployment rate
  • Widespread bank failures
  • Millions of Americans homeless and unable to feed their families

What should we call this Depression? Please suggest some ideas and I will put up a new poll sometime this week.

Some ideas:
The Greater Depression
The Bush Depression
Rev. Wright


alzaido alzaido said...

Double You Losses

puddy said...

The Manic Depression
The Real World: Final Season
Dude, Where's My Job?
Sleepless on the Sidewalk
Hey, At Least IRAQ Has an 80-billion Dollar Surplus
This Depression Hates Our Freedom
Our "Freedom" Hates Our Wallets
Are We Allowed To Whine Yet?

alzaido alzaido said...

The Great W. Deception

Kup said...

Darn, thats good workin' there fellas.

Heres a few more:
The Great Depression 2.0
The Consumption Depression
I Still Can't Find Iraq on a Map
The Illiterate Depression

Randal, we need your help!