Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Polls

- Things are looking good for Obama today. The data and trends are all in his favor. If the professionals are even half right, this is going to be a land slide. Hell, even if ye don't trust the people that check the national pulse, those that bet on it are almost always right. Unfortunately for him, and for thinking people everywhere, we still have a ton of time between now and Nov 4, and time can be a danger.

I also fear that as the shit rises, so does Obama's chances. Sadly, we have to live in that shit. The stock market lost more value on Monday than the entire GDP of Canada. I also think that if our economy was a home we would burn it down and rebuild it from scratch. But who really wants to be homeless in the meantime? Well, maybe we could all stay in Canada until the depression passes.

- I am not going to St. Louis. I am thinking of drinking heavily and live blogging. I might even try and score some Analgesics. Let me know if you have any you can donate.

- Please participate in our new poll. You won't regret it.

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Pierre V. Ross said...

I lived in russia for five years, and I would have to say I am definitely an expert in Alaskan politics. I could see Alaska from my balcony overlooking the Yenisey River. Although I couldn't see the Volga. So I would never call myself an expert on Russian politics. But, Alaskan, yes, definitely.