Monday, May 5, 2008

Arianna Backs Her Words on McCain...

In case you might have missed it, Arianna Huffington had a post that she claimed to have talked to John and Cindy McCain at a dinner party in 2000 and they both told her that they didn't vote for Bush in the election. Not sure why McCain would want to back away from that stance considering he HAS to distance himself from Bush to have any chance in November but through spokesman Tucker Bounds said this of Arianna's recollection:

"It's not true," Bounds told the Washington Post, "and I ask you to consider the source."

So Arianna answers back with this bitch slap:

"My sentiments exactly -- because John McCain has a long history of issuing heartfelt denials of things that were actually true.

He denied ever talking with John Kerry about his leaving the GOP to be Kerry's '04 running mate -- then later admitted he had, insisting: "Everybody knows that I had a conversation."

He denied admitting that he didn't know much about economics, even though he'd said exactly that to the Wall Street Journal. And the Boston Globe. And the Baltimore Sun.

He denied ever having asked for a budget earmark for Arizona, even though he had. On the record.

He denied that he'd ever had a meeting with comely lobbyist Vicki Iseman and her client Lowell Paxon, even though he had. And had admitted it in a legal deposition.

And those are just the outright denials. He's also repeatedly tried to spin away statements he regretted making (see: 100-year war, Iraq was a war for oil, etc.).

So, yes, by all means, "consider the source."

Ouch. You got a lot of explaining to do old man! It's only going to get worse in the general election, so you better enjoy your down time with the media sitting in your lap while you have it.

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Kup said...

Good stuff. I am glad she is out there...