Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Early Exit Polls...

We will be posting exit poll numbers until the races are done. Scroll down for the latest update in each state.


2% reporting: Clinton 61% (19,742) Obama 39% (12,742)

5% reporting: Clinton 59% (43,929) Obama 41% (30,557)

It's still really, really early but Obama needs to close the gap. He can't let her win by a two digit margin.

10% reporting: Clinton 58% (69,197) Obama 42% (50,786)

Exit polls in Indiana are showing that it was a 50/50 split on the Wright issue as to it's "importance vs non-importance". Thanks MSM!

16% reporting: Clinton 57% (106,211) Obama 43% (81,285)

Apparently there was a lot of cross-over in the election today. It's too early to tell if this is Limbaugh shenanigans or just republicans sick of their party's crap. If it is antics then Hillary will definately get a nice bump from it. We'll see.

20% reporting: Clinton 58% (129,096) Obama 42% (97,998)

Still too early to call.

26% reporting: Clinton 57% (169,547) Obama 43% (126,210)

More than a quarter of the vote counted and still too early to call.

33% reporting: Clinton 57% Obama 43%

Word is that they won't call it for Clinton because the main Obama counties haven't reported yet. He should close the gap a little bit but it looks like Clinton will win Indiana.

40% reporting: Clinton 56% Obama 44%

Still no call. Clinton got trounced in the black vote with Obama taking 92%. If he can't win the working class white vote like Clinton claims, then what about her not being able to carry the black vote PERIOD? Does the black vote not matter to Clinton?

Obama and Hillary split the college grad white vote. Clinton won 60% of the non-college grad whites.

52% reporting: Clinton 54% Obama 46%

With 56% in and many "Obama" counties still out there, the numbers are still the same.

This could be a long night. However, what is important is the delegates. Indiana is worth 85 and N.C. 134 respectively. If current trends continue, and he wins N.C. by even 60%, and she wins by 8-10% in Indiana, She will walk away with something akin to 50 or so delegates in Indiana. Conversely, if he does win 60% in N.C., he might walk away with something closer to 85 or so delegates there. So he will gain roughly 32-45 more delegates than her tonight.

65% reporting: Clinton 53% Obama 47%

Indiana changes from "too early to call" to "too close to call". Interesting.

71% reporting: Clinton 52% Obama 48%

He's closing in on her. Obama still has a lot of friendly counties out and Chuck Todd is reporting he needs to win about 55% of the remaining votes to erase the deficit. He's about 38,000 votes behind, we'll see.

80% reporting: Clinton 52% Obama 48%

The margin is down to less than 35,000 votes. Go Obama!

For what its worth, many boxes of pizza, as well as extra vote counters, have been brought into some of "Obama's" districts. This means it will be very close. Furthermore, it sounds like Tim Russert seems to think that this is over. Why do these educated elitists hate the people's candidate Ms. Clinton???

84% reporting and Hillary's lead is hanging around 40,000 votes. Indiana says it will take until midnight to count all votes. The key, Lake County, is the big hold up, which is Obama country, as it is a suburb on Chicago.

Speaking of Chicago, and perhaps this is a sign, Gavin Floyd, who pitches for Obama's White Sox, is pitching a no hitter through 8 innings...

Kreplech made a great point when I talked to him a second ago. Why is Clinton going to speak in Indiana? She hasn't even won yet! Wouldn't it be classy if she went up to the podium and conceded? It won't happen but it would be an awesome move.

Why is she reading her "victory" speech? Does she not have anything new and fresh? To start her speech with Indiana is the tiebreaker when she hasn't even won yet was classless. She's a dissapointment across the board.

85% reporting and Clinton's lead is around 40,000.

- According the the NYT, Lake County is at 0% reporting as of 7:47 PST. Just to give you an idea of what this means, here are the demographics for this area.

87% reporting and still too close to call. Clinton's lead is about 39,000 votes. How awesome would it be if she ended up losing Indiana, after starting her speech tonight with, "Indiana was the tie-breaker and thanks to you we have broken the tie"? Even if she wins by 40,000 votes, that's HARDLY a tie-breaker! Delusion is a stinky perfume.

Obama's cut Clinton's lead to 20,000! Holy crap, Barack might still win this thing!

I am going to laugh my ass off if Clinton loses this thing! Worst "victory" speech EVER! I wonder how she feels right now, sitting there with Bill and Chelsea. Does it hurt Hillary? Good, it should. Now go away.

That's it folks! Tim Russert just said live that we now have a Democratic nominee and his name is Barack Obama!

92% reporting: Clinton 51% Obama 49%


0% reporting

Barack Obama has been named the projected winner of North Carolina already. That was quick. Early signs are that most people voted early on and had made up their minds weeks ago. Interesting twist. Let's wait and see how big his win will be.

Early numbers look like a decisive victory for Obama.

4% reporting: Obama 64% (105,862) Clinton 34% (56,009)

11% reporting: Obama 65% (207,993) Clinton 35% (112,331)

This is going to get ugly.

18% reporting: Obama 62% (330,383) Clinton 36% (194,701)

27% reporting: Obama 60% (385,144) Clinton 38% (252,367)

What a big win for Barack. Barack Obama is about to address North Carolina, this should be good.

39% reporting: Obama 58% (508,554) Clinton 40% (356,574)

50% reporting: Obama 57% (534,481) Clinton 41% (386,687)

60% reporting: Obama 56% Clinton 42%.

Pat Buchanan just said on MSNBC that after today why would Clinton continue? He said quote, "If she goes on and beats Obama in W. Virginia and Kentucky is it just whipping Obama at that point?" Whipping Pat?? I agree with the point you were making but a better choice of words could have made you a tad less racist.

70% reporting: Obama 56% Clinton 42%

Looks like this will probably be the final number and that means I win the Illiterate Electorate pool! (Bradda)

78% reporting: Obama 56% Clinton 42%

86% reporting: Obama 56% Clinton 42%

Put a fork in this one folks, she's all done.

- I am not sure where to start on this Clinton speech. She is worse than I thought. More on that later...

Careful Obama, Chris Matthews claimed your speech and Clinton's speech tonight were some sort of "mating dance". Remember, the praying mantis kills her mate.

97% reporting: Obama 56% Clinton 42%.

This victory wipes away Clinton's "big" victory in Pennsylvania and should end her campaign.

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