Monday, May 19, 2008

White Woman's Burdon: Geraldine Ferraro May Not Back Obama

Geraldine Ferraro (whom you may recall argued that Sen. Obama could never have made it this far in life if he were not black), has apparently been watching the 1995 film White Man's Burden, and has been confusing socio-fiction with reality. Of Obama, she now says:

Ferraro, in the NYT story, terms Obama "terribly sexist." And, as a result, she says she may not be able to cast her ballot for him if, as anticipated, he gains the Democratic presidential nod.

I dug through the NYT story and couldn't find why she thinks he is sexist. I have never heard that charge before. Perhaps it is because he had the chutzpah to take down the most viable female contender to date? I don't see how that makes him sexist.

I completely understand why a woman would want to see a female president. Frankly, I would like to see one (or two, or three...) as well, but that is not going to be this year's historic event. Any feminists that think their overall rights are going to expand under a McCain presidency are delusional. Anyone who behaves this way is not a feminist - for a true feminist would want to advance the worthy cause of women's rights. Rather, one who behaves this way has the mentality of a sports fan, and will be surrendering their bodies to Justices Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito if they follow Geraldine's dangerous path.


Bradda said...

I doubt anyone real feminist listens to Ferraro anymore than they would vote for McCain. Calmer heads will prevail in Nov.

Dr said...

I agree.

puddy said...

well said sal and bradda too. i don't understand ferraro's posturing here. but i'm not sure all the answers are in front of us either.

bradda - other than the fact that ferraro appears to be suffering from significant head trauma, what makes you think she has little influence in the feminist artery?

Bradda said...

Her grey hair.

puddy said...

that's sexist. (and for the record, i am not making light of sexism - rather, i am making light of geraldine ferraro - so please vote for me if i ever run for any elected position)

Bradda said...

How am I being sexist? Now your being racialist!!