Saturday, May 17, 2008

Solider won't serve in Iraq; Dizzying vet statistic

Upon reading this story about an Army Sgt. that is refusing to serve in what he is calling an an "illegal and unconstitutional occupation," I came across a frightening piece of data that I had not heard before:

Some 300,000 of the 1.6 million US soldiers who have served in Iraq and Afghanistan suffer from the psychological traumas of post-traumatic stress disorder, depression or both, an independent study showed last month.

If my math is correct (and it may not be...I did go to American public schools) that is nearly one in five troops that come back mentally damaged. I filter that through the (sadly overlooked) story from last month about the V.A. covering up the nearly 1,000 Bush Administration Wars vets that are attempting to take their lives, and I am not sure if I should reach for some Pepto Bismol, Jack Daniels, or both...

...But I digress.

This is all horrible, to say the least, and I hope history points to this type of data as the lasting legacy of the Bush Presidency....along with gutting the economy, infrastructure, and educational system of the country.

He is scum.

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