Wednesday, May 14, 2008

GOP Rep. Uses "Tar Baby" in Memo on Obama...

From Politico: In a 20-page memo on GOP electoral woes, Rep. Tom Davis (R-Va.) repeatedly misspells Barack Obama’s name – it’s one R, congressman, not two -- and then manages to use the racially charged term “tar baby” in a paragraph about Obama and immigration.

“Remember,” Davis writes, “Hispanic voters are a swing group in this election and future elections. John McCain, being from a border state, may be out of sync with many Republicans but he has standing among Hispanics. Barrack Obama has not made the sale to Hispanic voters. Thus, this issue is a tar baby for anyone who touches it, with land mines everywhere.”

Now I know the point he was trying to make but using the "tar baby" comment was just plain offensive. It just goes to show once again how the GOP very subtly speaks to it's often racist base without overtly being racist. I mean, these ass clowns can't even spell the Democratic nominee for president's first name right! Unreal.

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