Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Clinton moving on?

It is very early on the left coast. I wanted to check the internets and cable news to see what reality and perceived reality was being thrown around. Here is what I have learned thus far:

- The New York Post's headline features a photo of Sen. Clinton with the words Toast splashed across the cover.

- MSNBC seems to think the entire thing is over while CNN is reporting that she is moving on.

- I am calling it right now, baring something unforeseen, something akin to a 9/11 or a Gary Hart,
Obama will win the White House, but I think race is going to become a big issue, as it should. This country needs a long look in the mirror, and there is perhaps no better issue to spur such behavior. Those of us under 35 (the new 25!) are apparently "past" the issue. This is logical as we have grown up in a post civil rights America, at least as civil rights pertain to race. This group also loves Obama. Those middle aged and older folk must look within themselves for the root cause of why they would ever support John McCain, which is clearly an illogical thing to do for anyone that does not actively root against the USA.

Bring on the general election!

* UPDATE* I just got through listening to the Clinton morning press conference. The Clinton camp is in essence arguing that Obama cannot win because not enough white people will vote for him. They will continue this campaign on the premise that America is not ready for a black president.

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