Friday, May 16, 2008

Obama Fires Back at Bush and McCain

Yesterday, I said that Obama needs to take this appeasement nonsense and use it to his advantage. He needs to light a fire under the GOP's giant ass.

Today he did just that.

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Unknown said...

Y'know, he just makes them look so goddamn moronic and sophormoric in comparison, doesn't he? Good on Obama for calling these idiots out on this. Did you see that freak, Kevin James, make an abysmal laughing stock out of himself on Tweety's show (that's what we call Chris Matthews, if you didn't know). I have it on my blog, it's (currently) the second post down. Worth a watch, and you WILL laugh. These guys don't have a clue about historical reference, so I wish they wouldn't use it. The shrub just embarassed us world-wide with that speech. I am just glad that at least SOME mainstream media people are finally calling them on it. Tweety point-blank criticized them for not understanding the difference between appeasement and diplomacy, but then, we all know the shrub doesn't DO diplomacy.