Sunday, May 25, 2008

Barack Obama has disappeared!!!

I noticed something interesting this morning. From the front-pages of,,

Clinton stirring up anger, Obama says
Obama confronts America's racial divide
Obama Hits Clinton for 'Stirring Up' Trouble Over Florida, Michigan

Furthermore, from the front-page of International Herald Tribune:

A link to an AP story, "Obama urges Wesleyan grads to enter public service" and a link Roger Cohen’s story on Barack Obama’s expertise in using social networks to drive his campaign.

And from

"Obama Needs Jews, Hispanics To Win Florida"

OK... where am I going with this you ask. Everybody is completely obsessed with Barack Obama right now. Truthfully, so am I. Everything he says or does seems to cause outrage, scorn, adoration or some sort of curiosity at the very least. We're all held captive audience as his image, message and actions are broadcast from every media source, domestic and international.

Every source, that is, except one: as of 11:30 AM PST, Fox News has absolutely no mention of Barack Obama’s name anywhere on their site.

Am I reading too much into this? Maybe. It’s entirely possible. But would anybody who’s been paying attention to how that sad and scary little fictional "news" network operates be surprised if Rupert himself banned Barack Obama’s name from the Fox News front-page in an effort to slow the Obama-train?

If so, this is the best news Fox News has ever brought us. It means Reverend Wright is over. As is the lapel-pin nonsense. It means that McCain’s attempted bitch slap on Obama’s lack of military service was as impotent as McCain is likely to be.

Is the well really dry?

Somehow, I doubt it. Our short reprieve from empty-headed Fox News headlines is likely to be interrupted by some lark of a story about Barack Obama’s two-headed bat-boy offspring and how that somehow jeopardizes our rights to fire guns in public places.

To be honest, I probably won’t notice if they resume their ridiculous broadcasts of our future president sometime within the next ten minutes or so. I rarely bother to check the Fox News website.

But for now, the silence is golden. Not a chirp from the chimps on this fine Sunday morning.


Bradda said...

FOX News has a website?

puddy said...

i know... i can't believe i defiled my browser in such a hideous manner.

also, as of 1:53 PM PST Fox News has a headline about BO on their front-page.

the party's over folks... time to go home.

Reason said...

Wow! Now you're worked up because Fox News does NOT have a story today about Obama?

Maybe you should consider taking a break from the news until the election is over in November. Maybe it will be a chance for you to calm down and find some kind of peace in yourself.

Really, I worry for you.