Monday, May 19, 2008

Clinton: Obama Declaring Victory Tues. Insults 17 million...

In a memo sent out today by the Clinton campaign, Hillary says that if Obama claims victory after Tuesdays primaries then he will be insulting the 17 million "supporters" of Clinton.

Senator Obama's plan to declare himself the Democratic nominee tomorrow night in Iowa is a slap in the face to the millions of voters in the remaining primary states and to Senator Clinton's 17 million supporters.

This is just plain stupid on a lot of levels. First, she doesn't even have a popular vote count of 17 million even if you include Michigan and Florida. So she has to claims 17 million supporters. If they support her then why didn't they vote for her? 2 million people who support you but don't vote for you is quite a large group Hillz.

Second, does this also mean that Hillary staying in the race despite the astronomical odds against her insult the 16 million people that have voted for Obama? Doesn't the issue have two sides? I mean, which is more insulting to the voters?

Finally, Obama never said he was going to declare victory tomorrow. So she's making up shit again and pushing that wedge ever so deeper into the Democratic party. Nicely done Senator, when the country elects John McCain in Nov. I hope you'll be proud. I myself will feel insulted.

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