Tuesday, May 20, 2008

McCain: More Proof of his Idiocy and Deception

John McCain took another disingenuous and illogical jab at Sen. Barack Obama today:

MIAMI, FL -- In the city that nearly half of the nation's Cuban
Americans call home, McCain again today criticized Obama, saying that his
rival's willingness to meet with Raul Castro would send "the worst possible
signal to Cuba's dictators."

He went on to say that such a policy legitimizes corrupt and tyrannical governments.

For starters, nothing about our Cuba policy has worked since before JFK was president. So McCain's status quo approach shows an absolute lack of understanding or imagination in foreign policy. It also shows that he will do or say anything to anyone in order to win. Fortunately for Obama he has experience against such an opponent, but I digress....

His speech got me thinking. Just last week, President Bush meet with the Saudi leadership. I got to thinking, "aren't they just as bad as the Cuban government?"

So I visited the Freedom House Organization, who compiles a database of countries and how they fare in regards to freedom of speech, assembly, suffrage, ect. It turns out that while Cuba is slightly worse off than Saudi Arabia, both countries near the bottom of their rankings. So then, why do we meet with them?

Too bad one can't run a car off of cigars...

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Bradda said...

Cuba is a danger to us all and should be nuked immediately! Sorry, I just saw something that I can't explain in the sky and I turned into Dan Quayle.