Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Dunkin' Donuts Buckles...

Well it finally happened. What should have been a hilarious story about right-wing idiocy has turned into another "victory" for the lunatic fringe. I use the term victory very loosely as this can be better construed as a corporation buckling to a small number of fanatics.

In case you missed it Dunkin' Donuts starting running an ad featuring the Food Networks Rachel Ray. In the ad she is wearing a black and white scarf(as you can see in the pic above). Well that got the Malkinites panties in a massive bunch. Malkin claims that the scarf is actually a keffiyeh, a typical headdress worn by Arab man.

Now whether Ray and Dunkin' Donuts are part of some secret plan to convert the country to Islam one latte at a time is a pretty ludicrous argument. To say that a scarf resembling a keffiyeh is one thing but to take it to Malkinland and claim that a keffiyeh is actually a jihadist headdress and ONLY jihadists wear it is mind boggling.

Now I know it's coming from Malkin and it should be a bit insane but Dunkin' Donuts pulled the ad in fear of the boycott that Malkin was threatening. Your Dunkin' freakin' Donuts! So a few wing-nuts boycott you. You have a stranglehold on the market in the northeast and your spreading across the country with only Starbucks as a major competitor. Malkin already had boycotted them for being to "liberal" in her evil, beady eyes so what are you afraid of DD?

Are we really this afraid of Arab culture as a country that ANY form of their society is branded evil? Have we really slipped this far into a collectively ignorant fog of a society as a whole? Shame on you Dunkin' Donuts for buckling to this Salem witch craziness.

UPDATE: Here's Olberman on Dunkin's cowering in fear of the lunatic fringe. They made his Worst Person's list.

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