Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Elections Predictions...

I am still holding out hope that the good people of Indiana will come out for Obama so we can end the madness. All signs point to Obama keeping his lead in N.C., so let's go Indiana. Looking ahead to Oregon, it's really the last fairly large state left, Obama continues to lead Clinton by 12%. A number the Clintonites pretend not to see. Maybe this will come down to Puerto Rico!

Here's my best guess for today's races.

Indiana: Clinton 51%-Obama 49%

North Carolina: Obama 56%-Clinton 42%

We'll see in a few hours as the exit poll numbers start coming back. We will be running 2 open threads for tonight's election coverage. One will be straight numbers and the other will be reactions and comments. Come back and join us for what should be an interesting night.

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