Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why? - The Cost of Continuing

I cannot understand how Sen. Clinton can justify staying in at this point, but that is not relevant to me right now. She is now running to be the next Mike Huckabee, who ironically, used to have the same job her husband had prior to being President of the United States. What is important is how much coverage she is sucking up in the tube hole. How much are any of you hearing about Burma right now? Yes, I understand that it is now our responsibility to go out and find information in the Internet(s) age, but so few people even seem to be interested in this.

Some of the other things nobody seems to be talking about due to interest in this completed contest:
- The War in Iraq
- The VA Scandal
- The F.B.I. raiding a Bush Administration offical's office.
- President Bush rigging the F.E.C.

In other words, her staying in the race is terrible for the Democratic Party (and the country) because it makes the election the story, and not all the reasons that make this election so important.

Wake up Sen. Clinton, you have been voted off America's Next President...

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