Saturday, May 17, 2008

Fourth Of July Cancelled...

With all the problems facing the country this summer we can now add firework's shortage to the list. Thanks to some warehouse fires in China recently the supply of fireworks is down. From The NYT's:

Fireworks vendors said that because of the sudden shortage, fireworks like bottle rockets, ladyfingers and Roman candles, as well as mortars used in professional displays, will be hard to get, meaning many of the usual pyrotechnic extravaganzas across the country may have to be curtailed or even canceled.

“Everybody in the industry is scared to death that their orders aren’t going to get here in time,” said Ken Sprague, president of Hamburg Fireworks Display in Lancaster, Ohio, which choreographs fireworks shows throughout the Midwest. “I haven’t slept a full night in months.”

What are the wing nuts going to do July 4th? No fireworks? No patriotism? They're gonna have to start cranking out flag lapel pins and bumper stickers to make up for this.

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