Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Election Day 12.0

Today, like so many Tuesdays before it, is the pivotal day in the Democratic primary. For starters, I want to thank our turd of the day, former NYC Mayor Ed Koch, for bringing up Rev. Wright in his last gasp defense of Hillary Clinton. When I think turd, I think Koch.

Speaking of which, did anyone see Penn Jilette on MSNBC's Morning Joe earlier? If not, here is a summary and video from the Huffington Post:

This morning on MSNBC, magician Penn Jillette repeated an admittedly
"cheesy" joke that performed really well on a recent tour — that Barack Obama
did well in February because it was Black History Month and Hillary Clinton did
well in March because it was "White Bitch Month."
Jillette used the joke to
underscore his point that there is a huge reserve of hatred out there for
Hillary, but anchors Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough were not amused and did
not appreciate his comment. Watch as he repeats the joke and then is condemned
by Mika and Joe, with Mika saying, "I didn't think it was funny, and I gotta
tell you, with all the work Hillary Clinton is doing, I'm insulted,

I watched this and must say, I am insulted by her being insulted. Mika and Joe and their outrage is outrageous. Penn was making a point that he told this joke, which he called very cheesy at the onset, to show that most people in his audience tend to not care when Clinton is called a bitch, and implying that most people see her as being bitchy, which I think is (perhaps unfairly) true. I don't think of her as being a bitch, in the context of being one that "bitchs and moans." I think she is more in line with the likes of Mao, meaning, she is perhaps tyrannical and unethical, but not bitchy.

But I digress. The problem here is political correctness is necessary in a diverse society, to a point. I don't know when, but it is my strongly held belief that we overshot that point by a few time zones. I think the one place where P.C. should ever have to appear is in comedy, and Penn, like him or hate him, is a comedic entertainer. So Mika and Joe are our runner up turds of the day....

Which reminds me, I am way off point. I sat down to with the intention of offering my predictions for today's contests, which are as follows:

North Carolina-
Obama: 58.7
Clinton: 42.2
Other: .1

Obama: 50.2
Clinton: 49.8

I think afterwards she is going to drop out of the race, quit the senate, and get a gig working in a factory to be with her people who she cares so much about. After all, one can't think of the common man without thinking of Hillary Clinton.
Who knows, maybe she stays in the race and runs as a third party candidate in the for the Dems for McCain party.

Of course, I could be wrong. Check in with us for election coverage all night long.

As Tito Santana used to say: Ariba!

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